We are a mobile phlebotomy service currently serving the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR metro area. We also provide blood draw services in Seattle, Tacoma and surrounding areas.  

Our phlebotomists are skilled in geriatric and pediatrics draws and are able to draw for multiple labs and hospitals including specialty labs such as Boston Heart, Spectracell, Empire City Labs/ IGS, Veridia Labs, Cleveland Heart, True Health Diagnostics, Vibrant America, US Biotek, Genova Diagnostics. We also draw for local labs such as Labcorp, Quest, Legacy, Providence, etc. If you are curious about a certain lab please give us a call!


We work with and are able to meet the needs of all different types of patients and providers and it is our goal to make lab testing a great experience for everyone! 

Mobile Blood Draw Service

One of our most loved services.


For as little as $50 and appointments as early as 5:00am we come to you at your time and place of convenience. 


All you have to do is roll out of bed! 

Schedule at one of our clinics


Anyone can schedule an appointment with us at one of our clinics.
Please see Current Blood Draw options tab for more info on lab locations.
Set Up in Office Draws at Your Clinic! 



A lot of doctors don't want to take on a phlebotomist full time. With our scheduled clinic hours, you choose a day and time. We come in, draw and process your patients.


You get to spend more quality time with your patients and you don't have to worry about the lab work or hiring an extra employee.

Elite Phlebotomy                                                                                                  

Vancouver, Wa                                                                                    

Portland, Or                                                                                        

Seattle, Wa / Tacoma, Wa                                                                     

phone- 360.784.0748                                        

fax- 360.558.7974